How to Charge Your Nintendo Switch in Tabletop Mode

There are very few faults we can find with the new Nintendo Switch, it’s versatile, dynamic, it has a great big screen and if that’s not enough you can dock it to your television without any trouble, there are also innumerable accessories like the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller that make playing it an even more enhanced and enjoyable experience for everyone.

That said, there is just one tiny flaw in the design of the switch. The charging port is on the bottom of the console. Of course most of the time this isn’t an issue, but as soon as you want to play your Switch from a desktop or table and start draining the battery, a problem is quickly uncovered.

It’s a big design flaw and we have to admit we were surprised given the durable and thoughtful architecture of previous handheld Nintendo consoles. But here’s the thing, the Nintendo Switch is far from just a handheld console, it’s a portable console that you can play in a variety of ways. Just being able to place it on a desk and use an external controller to play a game is a new and effective way of gaming that we haven’t really seen before.

So should we let one tiny design flaw get us down? No. Although it is slightly annoying, you still have the choice to dock the Switch to the TV (which might do your eyes a favour).

If you’re really stubborn though and you really want to use an external controller to play without docking you can get theORB Mobile Charge Dock – For Switch. A simple name for a simple product, Orb appear to have completely solved the charging port issue with what appears to be a hollow block of plastic.

At £7.99 it is very inexpensive but it does exactly what we want it to do. You can thread your charger through the stand so that you can continue charging. It’s got little stoppers on the bottom to stop it from sliding around. What more could you want.

Although the stand probably could be designed better and the problem shouldn’t be there in the first place. It is good to know that there is a cheap and simple and solution if you like using the kickstand on the Nintendo Switch.



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