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Rage 2 Madness With The Chelsea Gamer and our Sponsored Streamers!!!

So Rage 2 is now out, and looks like a lot of fun. If you still have not had a chance to catch any Rage 2 action yet? Check out our page of trailers here and check out Tactical Potato on YouTube

We started with Twooff ( https://www.twitch.tv/twooff ), a couple of days before Rage 2 was released. Mitch and Brooke watched the trailers live on stream with their community and announced our first Rage 2 Giveaway.

Watch 965 HOURS – Ask Us Anything! from TWOOFF on www.twitch.tv

A winner declared on Steam with Twooff – Amazingly Trentcoast3000 won his second Chelsea Gamer Giveaway! Trent asked for an Xbox Version and we popped it in the post for him.

Moving on With Tactical Potato, Phase Two! Tactical played through the game live on Twitch (and a bit offline), and did what he does best and made a YouTube Video with his thoughts!

The Chelsea Gamer never seeks to influence our sponsored streamers in their opinions of games and hardware.

So of course as we do at The Chelsea Gamer, we thought it’s time for another giveaway. This time one copy of console and one for PC! And now we have Two Winners add to the list!

Console Giveaway

Rage 2 With Tactical Potato and The Chelsea Gamer (PlayStation 4 or Xbox One)

PC Giveaway

Rage 2 With Tactical Potato and The Chelsea Gamer (PC EU Only)

So we’ll reach out to the winners and get their prizes posted out!

AND.. Mr Frozenballz, another of our sponsored streamers, has also been playing, so naturally we had to get involved and there is another giveaway on now!!! So if you were not lucky at first (or indeed second) attempt, you still have a chance now! Entries close in 13 days! – https://gleam.io/EJCzL/rage-2-pc-giveaway

Rage 2 PC Giveaway

Thanks to everyone involved and we hope you’ve all enjoyed the content. Congratulations to the winners and commiserations to the unfortunate ones who only have one more chance to win!!!


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