Intuitive and Precise PSVR Aim Controller Overview and Compatible Games

Take aim with the stylish PlayStation®VR Aim Controller. There seems to be some excellent games on the market for everyone with this controller, whether you are looking to play classic arcade style shooter games or get into some serious FPS advanced warfare.

Arizona Sunshine – PlayStation®VR Aim Controller Compatible

The PlayStation®VR Aim Controller is packed with awesome features including:

  • Visual scope aim for smooth turning and precise aiming with compatible shooter games
  • Advanced motion sensor and excellent light tracking technology
  • Full locomotion possibilities
  • Vibration feedback for full immersion
  • Ergonomic two-handed control with DUALSHOCK®4 dual stick controls and a large trigger

There are already a huge range of compatible games available for the PlayStation®VR Aim Controller including:

Bravo Team Trailer

With E3 around the corner we can be sure to look forward to plenty more titles, including Sniper Elite VR!


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