Fallout 76 – We’re counting down the days – all 113 of them!

Bethesda confirmed the release date of their upcoming prequel to the Fallout family at E3 earlier this year. Fallout 76 is out 14th November 2018 (Only 113 Days to go)!

The story of Vault 76 is likely to bring many surprises.  The game’s director, Todd Howard has told us, the same rendering and lighting software used in Fallout 4 (known as the Creation Engine) will also host much greater graphical detail for Fallout 76 players.

Vault 76 has been a long anticipated mystery among the longtime fans who will recognise it from the earlier Fallout 3 and 4 games, and it is definitely going to be packed full of action.

The Chelsea Gamer crew are getting excited, and so are our customers. One such valued customer has done an excellent job of keeping Vault boy busy in Washington D.C before Fallout returns once more.

Vault Boy @ The White House
Vault Boy @ The White House
Vault Boy with George Washington
Vault Boy with George Washington
Vault Boy @ The Washington Monument
Vault Boy @ The Washington Monument
Vault Boy owns @ The Washington Monument
Vault Boy selfie with the Washington Monument

Thanks the excellent pics Ms A Rose, we really enjoyed them!  It’s at this point we are wondering how many of our readers have had Vault Boy accompany them on trips and where to???  Let us know!!!!

Bethesda has treated us to heaps of information and you can check out a few snippets Click Here

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EDIT 23/7/18: Beta will likely be in October with Xbox One players gaining access first followed by PlayStation 4 and PC players.


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