Dirt 4 Forthcoming 09/06/17 – Pre Orders Get – Crash Kings on DVD

Codemasters have made a buzz recently with their fresh focus on unmatched racing realism. Dirt 4, formally known as Colin McRae Rally is no exception and is set to be a sharp and addictive racing simulation.

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Realistic racing

Whether you’re tearing around a blind corner or carefully steering your car to the checkpoint after finishing, there will always be a staunch element of reality within the game: improved aerodynamics, crashed competitors, low-flying camera drones, aspect and even racing marshals.

Career Mode allows your to create your driver, build a team with clear goals and rewards and compete across the disciplines to gain sponsors.

Tangible settings and plenty of options

Unlike previous Dirt games, the handling can be set to a number of tangible settings to make the game more accessible to a wider audience, yet as the difficulty is stepped up and external steering wheel setups are introduced the game starts to feel heavily involving.

There are 5 rally locations with millions of routes from Australia to Wales and over 50 off-road cars including Ford Fiesta R5, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI, Subaru WRX, STI NR4 and Audi Sport quattro S1 E2.

There is no shortage of options to tweak and tune your engine from brake bias damping to ride height and difficulty levels, Dirt 4 is looking like the ultimate realistic off-road racing game for literally all level of racers.

Whatever level you choose, Dirt 4 rewards you for improving your control and understanding the courses you are racing on. The driving aids seriously heighten the learning curve since they can be completely turned up, tweaked and turned off.

The Official game of the FIA World Rallycross Championship and the twelfth game in the Colin McRae Ralley series – Dirt 4 promises more race modes tracks, and vehicles than we’ve seen before.

New features include “Your Stage” mode which will take away the need for new DLC packs since you will be able to select from a wealth of countries and tweak the settings of your course.

You can customise courses to generate a completely unique and realistic racing experience in 5 different countries. Settings will include: weather, complexity and track length and offer a new and more unpredictable experience than in previous games.

The super powerful Pro Buggies, Pro-2 Trucks, Pro-4 Trucks, short-courses and huge bumps of Landrush mode will make a return with a focus on it as an actual sport, while the new feeder series offers historic cars and courses from around the world and more excitement like Cross Karts in California, Nevada and Mexico.

All-in Dirt 4 is set to feature stunning realistic physics and gripping graphics like never seen before.




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