Trade Preparations for Brexit @ The Chelsea Gamer.

Three years ago, Britain took the unprecedented step of voting to leave the European Union. Politics aside, the uncertainty of the situation known as ‘Brexit’ means that Britain may be looking at a tough road ahead for continental trade, while European citizens may also be facing similar issues when placing orders from within the UK.

Here at the Chelsea Gamer, we have been focused on finding practical and effective solutions to any and all problems that might occur, and they are listed as follows:

  • International customers looking to make Christmas purchases are advised to place orders by the end of September. This is to negate the impact of any delays in shipping and fulfilment times that could be caused by a No-Deal between the UK and EU.
  • We have documented all of the trade codes of our products in order to minimise the impact of any problems that may occur at customs.
  • Our current delivery system for European customers is likely to be affected, delays and further charges at customs are real possibilities. We are working with our delivery partners to minimise impact.
  • The weeks coming up to the deadline for a Brexit deal are likely to be especially uncertain for all international customers, due to the possibility of rules changing while items are in transit.
  • We have set ourselves up with eBay’s “Global shipping program” which means that they can help us handle our international orders as efficiently and quickly as possible post-Brexit.
  • Finally, there may be further duties and tariffs on imports and exports as well as changes to exchange rates which may impact the pricing for our customers, however we will endeavour to avoid any increases in price as far as possible.

We cannot avoid all of the disruptions that a No-Deal Brexit could cause and in such an event there may be implications for domestic customers in the way of pricing and availability. Furthermore, for EU customers the new Sales Tax, Customs charges and Tariffs remain pretty much a mystery until such an event occurs and there may be delays in until a proper system is put in place.

It is important to remember that if a deal is struck between the UK and the EU, this may negate the impact of any issues that could be caused by the UK’s exit from the trade union. If Brexit does not happen, then business will continue as normal. The world is becoming a smaller place!

The Chelsea Gamer would like to apologise in advance for any problems with our deliveries that could be caused as a result of this situation at the end of October 2019, and indeed further into the future.


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