New Microsoft Xbox One X – Due November 7th 2017

Project Scorpio is the Xbox One X! Incoming on November 7th, the new Xbox One X is expected to create generate a buzz just before the Christmas season gets going.  We’re sure it will make it to the top of most Christmas lists!

We spent some time watching with bated breath this evening knowing some of what was to come and not much more!

So here is what we picked up this evening

  • Due November 7 2017.
  • Super sampling technology for non 4k users to improve their performance.
  • First console to feature liquid cooling utilising a vapour chamber.
  • Fastest CPU for a console ever!
  • 6 Teraflops of GPU power clocked at 1.172 GHz, 12GB GDDR5, 326 GB Memory Bandwidth resulting in True 4k.
  • Optimised power management for balanced consistency within games and across Xbox platforms.
  • Smallest X Box ever!

Much of this evenings content featured games and the line up looked promising.  Forza and PUG looked particularly exciting to us.  Forza carrying the racing flag for team Microsoft with great pride.  And Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds finally seeing light in the console arena.

Twenty two games were announced as Xbox Exclusives as well many other epic franchises.  These titles caught our attention.

  • Forza 7
  • Assassins Creed Origins
  • Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds
  • State of decay 2
  • Scavengers studio – featuring interactivity via mixer
  • The Darwin Project
  • Dragonball Fighter Z
  • The last Night – Launch Title
  • Code Vien
  • Sea  of Thieves (due early 2018)
  • Tacoma – Enhanced title due in August
  • Super Lucky’s tale – Foxy platformer
  • Cup head – Due 29/9 – Play Anywhere Title
  • Crackdown 3
  • Ashen
  • Life is strange – before the storm – Triple Prequel
  • Middle earth – Shadow of war – Due October 10th
  • Ori and the will of the wisps – An awesome looking equal
  • Anthem by EA / Bioware.
  • Minecraft – Cross platform with Super Duper Graphics Pack

Announcements of improvements to the backward compatibility program we greatly appreciated by the crowd and bring more titles from the 360 range to Xbox One users. The Xbox One X Enhanced Program will allow current players to obtain free enhanced graphics for games they already own.

Xbox One X
Xbox One X Sleek New Design



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