Halo Infinite Promotion with Twooff

Fans of Twooff will know all too well that Mitch is absolutely obsessed with anything halo. If you pop along to their channel on twitch.tv/Twooff you’ll see a fab collection of Master Chief Helmets, among many other Halo bits.

So we teamed up with Twooff and got a new giveaway started. This one is for a copy of Halo Infinite when it comes out in the holiday season of 2020!

Here is the Trailer for Halo Infinite!

The promo ran throughout the E3-2019 show and entries closed on Friday night. We have now drawn a winner!

Halo Infinite – Win with Twooff and TheChelseaGamer.com

Aaron Stone from Versailles, KY, USA, has won a preorder for Halo Infinite for PC. We asked “What are you hyped for @ E3-2019?”, Aaron answered “YOOOOOOOO CYBERPUNK AND HALOOOOO ”

Congratulations to our winner. We’ll be in touch soon!

Hemal M

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