Detroit – Become Human – Demo Now Available

25th May is the next major release date for Sony Entertainment, bringing in Detroit: Become Human.

This Sony PlayStation 4 exclusive, is sure to keep you guessing and entertained, and the DEMO is now available via the PlayStation Store.

Play as prototype android Connor in a life-and-death showdown from Detroit: Become Human. Think fast in a tense hostage stand-off with a fugitive where every move you make changes the story in this exciting demo of the twisting neo-noir thriller.

This has made us just want to play the full game sooner!  Oh well, we’ll just have to wait…

Here is the latest demo trailer to wet your appetite while the demo downloads…


And of course you might want to reserve your copy of Detroit: Become Human with us at The Chelsea Gamer – Click Here.

Detroit Become Human PlayStation 4
Detroit Become Human PlayStation 4 Available from the PSN Store


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