Crash Bandicoot Caption Competition Winners!

Thanks to everybody that took part in our competition, the response was epic! We had many entries (almost 200), both the good and very bad, the decision was HARD.

We had to decide on two, so without further ado, here are the winners of the Crash caption competition:

  1. Kernesh Pallor: David Attenborough voice: “And here, a young gamer discovers the harsh reality…of 90s gaming…rage will ensue in the young male, whilst the matriarch of the family prepares his consolation prize…of birds eye chicken nuggets…” – We made the voice and giggled like little boys and thought about making a video for this.  
  2. Craig Hussey: “Monster energy drink, It’s green, so you know it’s totally safe!” – We laughed and cried at the same time.

We really appreciate all the effort and jolliness you sent us.  It makes our job even better!

Congratulations Kernesh and Craig! We hope you enjoy the game! Send us a message on Facebook with your details and we’ll get your prize ready for release day!  Don’t forget to let us know if you are lucky enough not to be working on the day too!  We’ll arrange an AM delivery if you are off!

A big thanks to all those who helped to make this happen!  Especially Activision, Centresoft & The Team @ The Chelsea Gamer!

Don’t forget, if you didn’t win, all is not lost!

You can now use the following code “CD5JPWSDS9B5″on at checkout and receive £3 off this tittle (And we have free shipping on now too!).  This is valid for orders placed before release.

Here is the B-Roll to wet your appetites.


Thanks again to everyone who took part!


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