What We Do

Choice in an overcrowded marketplace can be daunting. We aim to narrow the choices down to the best in class, whether class for you is performance, price or even green rating, we can help with our expertise knowledge.

We have a store on Fulham Road in Chelsea, which has been described as “an Aladdin’s Cave for gamers” by some of our clients.  Almost all of our items are available in-store and online.

We pride ourselves in local logistics so any online order placed by locals will receive the swiftest delivery, and are of course able to pick up in store too!

As well as TheChelseaGamer.com, we also operate on several marketplaces, both in the UK and in Europe.  Our clients from various gaming communities often take us further afield, we are regularly servicing clients from all over.

We keep up very strong relationships with all stakeholders from manufacturers, distributors and publishers to our loyal customers. This allows us to have expert knowledge about what’s happening with the latest games and technology so that we can provide the most enhanced experience.

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